Danby Designer 0.7 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave, Black/Stainless Steel


REVIEW of: Danby DMW111KPSSDD 1.1 cu ft , 1000 watt microwave


- THE BEEPS ARE NOT OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD! You get 4 discrete beeps when things are done and...even better...you get only one (1) beep if you interrupt/stop/reset things.

- THE FAN IS * NOT * TOO LOUD!!! (No Jet plane takeoffs here!) Thank God!

- THE LIGHT COMES ON WHEN THE DOOR IS OPENED. This may seem like a no brainer but Panasonic, some LG and other brands do * not * turn the light on except when you are actually cooking. To me that is bad design. This 1.1 cu ft Danby does not have that problem.

- The DOOR DOES NOT FIGHT ME!! Easy door release with press of large release button in bottom right-hand corner. Door closes easily.

- This 1.1 cu. ft. 1000 Watt microwave cooks evenly, has the best of both worlds: "pictograph" buttons for Popcorn, Beverage, Pizza, Frozen Dinner, Baked Potato and Reheat and....

- It has the Cook Time / Power Level button if you want to get nitpicky.

- It has Cook by Weight, Defrost by Weight and Speed Defrost.

- Seems to cook evenly. Also, has never burned Popcorn on Popcorn setting no kernels unpopped.

- Stainless steel unit looks good and it's all CHROME/STAINLESS INSIDE. (This is a big deal if you read all the reviews of GE and other Microwaves where the plastic is warping or paint coming off...a common complaint).

- Power cord is substantial, unit feels well made for it's price point.

INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: It's 14 inches wide INTERNALLY, has a carousel and it 8.5" high internally and 14.5" deep internally.

Large enough for a good sized lasagna package (point of reference).


THE BAD: No "Add 30 seconds" button. Moooo. Oh well , this Microwave is such a winner in every other way that I'm not going to let that bug me.



When shopping for my microwave(our last one died after 10 years) - I looked at the reviews for various brands. Many MANY brands. Panasonic, LG, Frigidaire, Oster, Cuisinart, Amana, etc. COMMON THEME IN COMMENTS FOR ALL BRANDS: Like anything else - they don't make 'em like they used to. Consumer microwaves of various name brands (doesn't matter) all seem to last 1 to maybe 3 years. About 5 - 10 percent of purchasers seem to have microwave failure between 4 months and a year.

In short, with Consumer grade microwaves, it's a crap shoot. You are spending anywhere from 4 to 10 dollars a month to "rent" your microwave before it goes to the dumpster. I don't mean to depress you but that's what I have learned. If you get 3 years out of a microwave in the $80 - $350 range consider yourself lucky.

ALTERNATE BUT KLUNKY SOLUTION: You can buy a Commercial Grade (Heavy Duty) microwave (Panasonic and Amana make them) in the $350 - $450 range but these "tanks" usually have no programming features. Just a continuous dial with time increments of 1 - 10 min, sometimes 1 - 15 min. They last. They are not sexy but they are workhorses. Not for me. We have these in my work cafeteria, first of all they remind me of work and second of all I really like some programming feature convenience and a rotating carousel.

A common complaint I read of the Panasonic "inverter" technology is that the food smell stayed (or got embedded in the microwave) for like 3 weeks. (You cook a ham, the microwave smells like ham for 3 weeks).

Another common annoyance is that microwaves that have LOUD fans and a series of 3 LOUD beeps regardless of it you pull the door open to stop cooking or hit reset, etc.

I chose the Danby because it has none of these issues, comes in at a reasonable price, looks good and has a very good interface.

NOTE: I did not buy this Danby microwave from Amazon because I needed one NOW. Every place online seemed to be out of Danby DMW111KPSSDD or had in-stock dates 5 days down the road. I paid more for it to buy it locally but I feel it's still a good deal undiscounted for this reason: it lacks a lot of the "designed in" AGGRAVATIONS that Panasonic and LG couldn't be bothered to fix out of the gate!

NOTE 2: As of 10/16/2014 this Danby DMW111KPSSDD can be obtained for between $89.99 (rock bottom sale) to $141.00 (high price).

via Amazon Best Seller V2 copy copy http://ift.tt/17ul89w

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